I caught my self just sitting back considering computers and computer technology. It had been a unique thought really.

Noting too deep or fancy. I had been just thinking about what lengths we have come and just how rapidly.

It’s quite common understanding that within the 1950’s, a pc that will fill a Wal-Mart store had nothing around the computational power and amounts of memory from the modern smartphone.

In those days, the web got began and also the web wasn’t a dream. I’m able to remember a tv news broadcast from 1980 from the recently invented computer networking. It required several hrs and 100’s of dollars to deliver a paper in one computer to a different. It was 1980 actually. Only 3 decades ago.

Only twenty years ago, the web really was beginning to consider root. A minimum of among geeks. Also it appeared as if DOS (Remember DOS?).

Less than ten years ago was prior to Facebook and YouTube. Which was when Google took its start. And Bill Gates known as the web a “passing fad”. Right. Good call, Bill.

Even though the internet still is not replacing the desktop for Application hosting and file hosting, it’s running webpages with Application like effects and speeds. And you will find the number of files being located online as backups?

Indeed, a lot more visitors are around the smart device internet than you are on the browse-able web.

Think Xbox Live. Think Smartphone texting. Or Netflix streaming. Although some aspects of a few of these might be utilized with a internet browser, most aren’t.

Now we are looking at the potential of an internet 2. being considerably faster and much more reliable. As well as the interface getting into multi-touch as well as brainwave activated.