SAP implementation is always a big step for any company and when you are planning the migration of your existing SAP application to sap cloud, you are required to be extra vigilant because this process requires you to take many careful steps. People with less experience and expertise can ruin the migration to sap cloud and can put your business processes into a big mess. In this article, we will discuss the most common mistakes which are done while migrating form the premise-based SAP model to the cloud based.

Wrong selection of the cloud – There are different types of cloud available for this purpose. Public, private and hybrid. It is a major decision to make and people often ignore the proper selection depending on their requirements. It is important to understand the benefits and disadvantages of all the different types of cloud before making any final decision. A good SAP partner will help you with this decision, therefore always have a proper conversation with your SAP vendor before making any decisions.

Wrong selection of the vendor – For SAP to cloud migration, you are required to have a good and well-reputed SAP partner. With the increased demand of SAP and modern utilities, it has become evident that most people have opened their solutions and are offering things at much discounted rates. Discounted options are not always worth taking. You must be very careful while selecting the SAP partner for your migration process.

Incompatible systems – Before migration process, many people fail to understand their own requirements, and as a result they are never able to migrate successfully. In order to complete your migration process successfully, you should ensure that you are taking the system that is compatible with your requirements and will fulfil the purpose. Will the system allow you to apply all the required add-ons for proper functionality of your ERP system?

Under estimation of the skilled resources required – when you migrate to cloud-based versions, your requirement of key resources is changed. Many people would not think about this and as a result it becomes difficult for them to achieve the ultimate objectives. You should discuss this matter with your SAP partner and should evaluate all such needs in the beginning. Scaling of the resources and expenses must be carefully done, because of your assessments go wrong, it can cause a significant impact on your estimated future operational costs.