New Forex traders make many common mistakes that should always be checked during trading. Without knowing about the mistakes others make, retailers continue to make them. These mistakes should not be ignore because they slowly lead a trader to make even a bigger mistake resulting in a massive financial collapse. In this article, we will discuss the most frequent mistakes that FX retailers make.

Common mistakes of new Forex traders

· Frequently changing their trading strategy

After losing a series of trades in a row, retailers think that it is their strategies that are faulty. They start changing their strategies. It is not a wise decision to change the entire strategy because it can be time-consuming to establish another trade. Instead of changing a strategy, you may modify the existing techniques to make them more effective.

· No preparation for an unexpected situation

It is said that every human should take steps to prepare to face the worst situations. When retailers become overconfident about a trade, they don’t think about the possible negative outcome, which is a big mistake. Everybody should always be prepared for the worst.

· No recording of the previous trades

Professional business people always advise their juniors to keep a trading journal, in which they should note the records of all the previous trades. In addition to this, they can also note important news or press releases. Visit the site of Saxo and read some professional articles from the top traders in the Mena region. They will help you to regain confidence and boost your trading skills significantly.

· Pre-trading and post-trading analysis

New Forex traders become very busy with the trading. Without conducting any pre- or post-trading research or analysis, a trader jumps into the trade. Lack of sufficient research always leads to a severe crisis.

· Avoid watching important or trading-related news

Traders should keep their eyes on regular news to stay sharp and alert because the movement of the market depends on these factors to a great extent. Geopolitics, unemployment rate, GDP, are some of those critical factors that affect the market. Avoiding this news means you could be missing potential chances to make money.

· Not handling psychological stress

After facing a series of loss, many traders cannot stand with it, and most of them leave the market. This is a huge mistake that they make. If you face any negative consequence, don’t lose hope. You should stand firm and take a lesson from the mistake. It will help you to overcome the next problem mentioned.

· No realization between short-term and long-term trading

Many new Forex traders don’t understand the main difference between short-term and long-term trading. They trade based on their own will without knowing the consequence. Concentrate on analyzing the market instead of making money.

· Setting the stop-loss limit

Retailers often fail the understand the importance of setting up the stop-loss limit. Stop-loss limit will determine when your trade will exit during a negative market movement. In addition, to setting up a stop-loss limit, it will be a wise choice to set a take-profit limit as well.

·  Avoiding the win rate and risk: reward ratio

Before entering a trade, look for the win rate and risk: reward ratio. All traders should check for the possibilities, the win rate, and risk: reward ratio of the trades. These combinations are the most robust techniques in FX trading.

· Misconception

FX retailers think that everyone can make $1,000 per trade, which is a silly idea. Nobody can make that kind of profit in a day. Without knowing the ins and outs of the market, charts, and mechanisms, it is impossible to make a decent amount of money in each trade.

· No risk management strategies

Traders often fail to adopt risk management strategies as they think that following risk management technique can inhibit the way to earn money. These strategies can effectively reduce your losses.


These are the most common mistakes that new Forex traders make.