Academic achievement deserves praise, and warm congratulations. The accolade awarded on your scholarly excellence should be conveyed in the most exciting way possible. Graduation cards convey gratitude to your family for the support and invite your colleagues to your graduation party. Designing custom graduation cards can be overwhelming, with pressure to make them aesthetically appealing while not masking their content. However, thousands of card templates are available for you to choose from Mixbook.

Designing cards is an involved process that requires guidance to create attractive greeting cards. Take note of the following while customizing your unique card: 

1. Orientation

A custom-made card needs to display the images in the proper orientation. Horizontal orientations are best when there are many pictures of your academic journey in the card’s background. However, you can opt for the vertical orientation design, mainly if you are operating on a tight budget. The length of text announcing your completion of studies is a salient aspect to consider when choosing your card’s orientation. A broad exposure invites the recipients of your card to indulge in the academic achievement invite contained wholeheartedly. You can design the card you want with different orientations on your laptop to preview the most satisfying one.

2. Theme    

Essentially, your card theme sets the tone for the experience your visitors will have on your graduation day. It is important to select an aesthetically appealing style to personalize your announcement. Most people spend hours curating their theme board with little headway in deciding which theme to use. You can choose from bohemian to rustic themes and everything in between based on the color of your graduation gown and the feelings you want to evoke. Aim for enough contrast between the text and the background with colors that blend. You can use design software to preview your themes before settling on the perfect blend.

3. Text style

Informing your family members of this blissful stage in your life needs to be special. After grappling through academic challenges to finally achieve your goal, the next step is celebrating your fruits. The text style you choose will determine how you will pass on the notice. It is pivotal you pick a suitable style. Most people prefer monograms; however, you can mix different text styles with word art to elicit a creative and relaxed vibe amongst your family and friends.

3. Material

The type of material you choose influences your recipients’ feelings on receiving the card from the mailbox. Smooth materials invoke feelings of tenderness and embody the level of love between you and your partner. The various materials you can choose from are:

  •       Clear vellum
  •       Cotton fiber
  •       Linen

The trade-off between finish and density is an important aspect to consider when choosing material for your card. A quintessential material maintains the feel you want without camouflaging the contents of your announcement. Linen allows you to fold your cards into money cards that guests at your party will find innovative and credit your account with some cash to start your career.


Academic success is a key component to bettering your future. Therefore, it is imperative to make it special by inviting family and friends to share in your glory. Stylish cards motivate those who supported you all through your education journey. Get a custom Mixbook card and expect warm regards and gifts when using a graduation invitation card to relay your accolade.