Ryan Kavanaugh of Triller Fight Club was formerly touted as one of Hollywood’s most productive and unusual producers through his firm, Relativity Media, before getting engaged in combat sports. He was previously cited as declaring that he wasn’t interested in crafting award-winning pictures, adding, “I’m not in this for the art… “I’m looking for a way to make money.”

Kavanaugh is upsetting the apple cart again these days with Triller Fight Club, which has been promoting high-profile fight shows including stars like Mike Tyson, Jake Paul, and now Evander Holyfield and Vitor Belfort.

Live musical acts have performed in the middle of Triller Fight Club gigs, rapper Snoop Dogg blazing away on a blunt during a fight, and comedians like Pete Davidson have served as roaming reporters during events.

According to Kavanaugh, he’s only bringing notions that combat sports, including the boxing industry, should have accepted years ago.

Entertainment In MMA

When speaking to MMA Fighting, Kavanaugh remarked, “Boxing, MMA, it’s for entertainment.” “The idea is that people watch because it’s interesting, no matter which way you look at it.” People pay to see it because it’s entertaining. The times aren’t keeping up with boxing, which is decreasing and losing its following, which has shifted to a largely male over 50 audience.

“We’re attempting to shake things up.” We’re causing a ruckus. The idea is that every dispute we have should be taken to a new level. That does not always imply that it is better; we do learn from each experience, but it is an event. It isn’t a brawl. As a result, we’d like to deliver something for everyone.”

Contract Issues For UFC

While Kavanaugh has mostly concentrated on boxing, he has clashed with UFC president Dana White on multiple occasions in recent months, most notably after White sought to recruit former two-division champion Georges St-Pierre as an opponent for Oscar De La Hoya.

Unfortunately, even after retiring, St-Pierre is still under contract with the UFC, and the company would not allow him to fight outside of the organization, even if it wasn’t a mixed martial arts bout. That didn’t sit well with Kavanaugh, who chastised the UFC for its business methods while depriving an athlete of the opportunity to make a lot of money and fulfill a childhood passion of competing in boxing.

Indentured servitude is illegal in the United States, according to Kavanaugh. “Yet Georges St-Pierre, who is officially retired from the UFC and has made it clear that he will never fight in MMA again, isn’t allowed to step into a boxing ring and receive arguably one of the largest paydays of his life to fight someone on his bucket list because Dana White says he can’t.” That’s just incorrect.”

Despite the fact that St-Pierre is still under contract with the UFC, Kavanaugh says he would welcome the opportunity to work with the Canadian superstar, but he doubts his old promoters will allow it unless he files a legal challenge.

Criticizing The UFC

Aside from his desire to collaborate with St-Pierre on Triller Fight Club, Kavanaugh has repeatedly criticized the UFC’s general pay system, claiming that athletes in the UFC get paid a considerably lower percentage of income than their peers in boxing, football, basketball, or other big sports.

Triller’s major emphasis in the combat sports area remains boxing for the time being, but Kavanaugh claims he has intentions to someday branch out into MMA as well.

We have a plan to develop our own, call it an MMA offshoot if you want, that will merge boxing and MMA on our shows and take certain parts of both.” As a result, part of the process of marrying them is to create a hybrid that combines the two.”

Look,” Ryan Kavanaugh remarks, “I think we’re trying to do something new.” “We’re attempting to reach out to a wider audience. I understand why it terrifies people in the industry. I don’t believe it should. We treat everyone with respect. We’d want to collaborate with everyone. We want to assist in the advancement of boxers, and this should be viewed as a good thing.”