The issue our people are most worried about is exactly what would be the way forward for the blackjack card counters. is the time of card counting over? many believe so.

Automatic shuffling has been utilized in today’s tables making shuffle tracking or card counting impossible. The traditional casinos are likely to insert shuffling machines in the tables.

It’s stated that in places like Vegas – Nevada, surveillance cameras are used to evaluate the ability of players and smart blackjack tables that keep tracks of players hands and techniques using magnetized chips.

The gambling control board in Nevada, a company that protects the best of both players and also the casinos to make sure fair gaming made the decision that casinos might not affect the games in a manner that would alter the frequency from the payouts. Since that time, many Nevada casinos train their dealers to count cards and shuffle as they wish, as well as a multitude of casinos keeps information of card counters, including names and photos to prevent them from entering the sport.

These casinos have big corporations supporting all of them with huge political power and cash influences. The professional blackjack players however are unknown.