The private sector and employment

According to global reports on developing countries, almost 90% of the job opportunities, whether they are in the formal or informal form, in the developing countries are provided by the private sector in some form or another. In such a scenario, the role of the private sector in infrastructure is really very important for the economic growth of a country and to eradicate and eliminate poverty. Not only do the modern infrastructure services open new and more opportunities for employment for the private sector but they also increase the standard of living for the common man of a country.

What role does the private sector in infrastructure play for the development of a country?

When the private sector works in collaboration with the government, then it can play a very important role in generating gender equity and ensuring the access of people of all genders to the public infrastructures and services. Moreover, the private sector can also help the government to create more innovations and technological advancements in the public infrastructures, thereby ensuring more and better facilities for the disadvantaged and disabled groups of the country. They can also assist to create more employment and improve the inclusivity of an infrastructure.