Much like our standard method of unblocking sinks and baths, this process will be over in around 30 minutes, although to the untrained eye, you’d think that your drain was never blocked in the first place! The hardest part can be finding the ingredients we recommend you purchase before attempting this DIY guide to unblock drains Molesey style!

Blocked Drains: What Causes Them?

The most common cause of a blocked drain is hair. We all have hair, and it’s perfectly OK to have it. You have a lot more than your grandfather did, making it more likely that hairs will clog up your drains. The other cause of blocked drains is grease—but we’ll get into that later. Thankfully, you may be able to do some simple solutions at home. So what are some methods for how to clear blocked drains?

The 3 Step Process

If you want to clear your blocked drains without fuss, you’ll need a steady hand and nerves of steel.

  • The first step is to use a thin rod that can get into tight corners and force its way through blockages.

  • The second step is about using a chemical drain cleaner. It can be used in a bucket or poured down directly onto a clog that’s hard to reach. Don’t pour it over your feet if you opt for pouring, as it can cause nasty burns! Pour it straight into your drainage pipe and leave for two hours or more if possible.

  • The last step is flushing and rinsing the system. You’ll need some essential tools for both these processes, including a bucket and a snake or auger, which will help your water get through where it usually doesn’t. Again, you shouldn’t just rely on chemicals for flushing—while they may clear out loose debris, they won’t be able to reach all of your blockages.

Clearing Main Drain Blockages (90% Success Rate)

The primary method for clearing main drain blockages is simple and remarkably effective. Remember that unclogging a clogged drain is seldom a do-it-yourself activity. If you try to unblock drains Molesey yourself, and things go wrong, you could find yourself with an overflowing home—so save yourself some trouble and call your local plumber!

Clearing Bath, Sink And Washing Machine Blockages (85% Success Rate)

When a drain is blocked, it can cause many inconveniences. People use all sorts of chemicals and plungers to try and unblock their gutters, but these methods don’t always work, don’t worry—you aren’t alone! Try this DIY method to unblock your drains before calling a plumber. The step is to try an enzymatic drain cleaner, which you can get from most hardware stores and will eat away at the organic matter that might be causing your blockage.


The Molesey method has worked for thousands of people in blockages from grease and hair down to unwanted objects like wet socks. They say it’s a fail-safe way of clearing your drains. However, we cannot stress enough that if you don’t know how to clear blocked drains, do not attempt doing so yourself; call a local trained plumbing expert and book them in.