1. Flexible and diverse marketing efforts

Customers love to see themselves being reflected in the marketing efforts. Ensure that you include them all. You can work out on marketing campaign and business strategy in Hong Kong, to focus more on the diverse models throughout. You will surely gain their attention when you work on diversity and inclusion. The most impacted ones from the group are the millennials, they will favour you more. Listen to what the customers want and focus more on diversity and inclusion as you evolve.

  1. Don’t be biased with the message mediums

Millennials are very much influenced by social media. Hence marketers spend a lot of time on social media to attract them. But when it comes to Baby Boomers, they don’t use social media or are barely in touch with it at all. That slow embrace would fail the effect of the fast reach of social media. So don’t think that using social media for millennials and print ads for baby boomers would cover your target market. Find a way to incorporate the two. For more tips like these, feel free to visit the website today.