The foremost step to getting rid of those tiny black creatures is to find the rat entry point. Rats are small black-coloured rodents that can live within the narrower area available. Their presence in your surrounding leads to numerous diseases and an unpleasant environment. Their regular conduct consists of running into the pipe in both vertical and horizontal directions and nibbling off things around in the space around. You can see rats anywhere, including in offices, homes, restaurants, bars, etc. drain pipes are one of the familiar places where you can see those rodents. The question is – how to stop rats from climbing drain pipes?

Are you experiencing the foul smell, gnaw marks, uncommon droppings, nests formed with waste material, etc., in your home? If yes! Then, unfortunately, rats have entered your house. One thing is clear about rats; they will start living with you till you will not do something about it. Hence, act immediately and identify the rat entry point.

Following Are Common Rat Entering Points

Small Holes In The Walls

We all realize that rats love to stay in smaller and narrower possible spaces. A small crack or hole in the wall can be an excellent opportunity for rats to pass through it quickly. Hence, make sure you maintain and seal every border of your residence.

Air Vents

Air vents are a common rat entry point, and the gaps between the air vents help them make a king-like entry into the house. Now, plastic vents are available, and the rats bite the plastic and enter the residence. Always place rat trappers inside the duct to keep them out of your home.


Most houses have chimneys today. Chimneys have openings, making them an ideal space for rats to enter the house.

Doors And Windows

Open doorways and home windows are heart-warming invites for rats and rodents. Once you forget to close the door or a small slit of the window is available, rats are likely to enter the house.

Drainage System

Drainage makes the most secure rat entry point. Rats love to live in wet and mushy areas, making them feel safe and easy to run around. Hence, you will see a colossal mouse family living happily in the drainage system. The drainage system also enables them to reach food in our house, and it can go to any corner of the house through drainage pipes. Hence, avoiding dropping a single food item in drainage is one answer to how to stop rats from climbing drain pipes?

Along With This, There Are Other Answers To- How To Stop Rats From Climbing Drain Pipes? Look Below:

  • A timely examination of drains and pipes. Take professional help if you want and get the work done. Make sure that you often check the seal of the drainage pipe.
  • Use rat blockers in the chamber outside the house. It will seal their entry in a place outside only. It is an environment-friendly rat removal asset with no blockage in a drainage pipe.
  • Install small rat traps around the drainage pipes.

Hope it helps you with how to stop rats climbing drain pipes in your home.