Don’t you just love it when a company takes classic machines from iconic era’s and brings them back to life with the gift of today’s technologies. Advancements in the tech and methods of application mean that not only to we get a better working machine but they also look better too!


It has to feel special


That is not to say that all throwbacks are a huge success, take the motor car industry, for example, there have been some attempts at throwbacks that might have captured the imagination of the younger generation, but when it comes to living in a time of the original, they just didn’t have the same special feel or take us in their grasp like they once did.


With machines and technology, though, it seems very hard to get it wrong due to everything being improved upon over the years, meaning that everything is ‘better’ in terms of features and usability.

There are those cases where developers have changed too much in the way of looks and for most of us it just doesn’t work and perhaps takes us too far from what we used to love.


Master throwback


Yamaha motors seem have gotten it just right with the Yamaha Agriculture series, a throwback to the beloved AG100. The looks still hold that iconic design of the 1970’s and most likely what most people fell in love with but now it looks even better and should hold up against the hands of time for longer using modern body panels.


It even has better paint and not to mention the added modern mechanics such as an electric start and monoshock suspension. The designers clearly had heavy duty use in mind when designing it, wanting it to get the best of use on the toughest of terrain.


Speak to a specialist


These bikes have been so popular that people have needed to seek the aid of specialist dealers who have a working relationship with Yamaha and have a Yamaha motorcycles contract, meaning they are able to guarantee delivery all the way from Japan prior to Christmas. One of those double-edged sword scenarios where success is great until success is great but there could be a waiting list to get hold of one!


Throwbacks like this one don’t come around often so when a company gets it right no wonder people jump at the chance of owning a piece of modern history, maybe even re-living some special times of younger years. If you are a bike lover and need a solid, reliable, good-looking bike for work or leisure with that extra bit of something special, you might just have found it.