Often people step into the store without any prior research. Hence, end up committing mistakes while choosing the style and finish that doesn’t match the home decor. When you do not think about the food storage requirements and capacity, then you regret your decision later.

There are various key features to consider such as water dispensers, automatic water pitchers, ice makers, etc. This article makes you aware of the common refrigerator style to help you make the right decision.

Various Types of Refrigerator Styles

Refrigerators come in an extensive range of size, designs, and shapes. Each style has got its weaknesses and strengths. A few types of refrigerators cost less and don’t offer various fancy features. Whereas other types of refrigerators offer you the latest whistles and bells along with enormous size and price.

Here is a list of key refrigerator styles that you should expect:

Top freezers

This is the classic design of the fridge. There can be a primary chiller compartment and a smaller freezer section. This section doesn’t provide you a good amount of space to store frozen items. It lacks features such as automatic ice makers and an in-door water dispenser. Due to which it is more compact and affordable than other types of refrigerator styles.

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Bottom freezer

This style of the refrigerator has a little large size compared to a top freezer refrigerator style. Such freezer comes with a reverse layout with large-sized freezer compartment on the bottom. The fresh food section is present above the freezer compartment.

These models provide easy access to fresh items but make it difficult to reach to frozen food. A drawer shaped freezer section can add a little convenience to people who use this design.


Side-by-side models are best suited for narrow kitchen. It not just saves space but also provides extra features. Refrigerators of this style are split down in the center with two doors for a freezer and the fridge respectively.

Doors are narrow, and there are no special drawers to provide quick access to drinks and snacks. A few models come with modern features such as in-door ice makers, touch controls and water dispensers.


Learning about the differences in the popular refrigerator designs will save you from regret and make the right buying decision.